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Chews & Treats

Rawhide chews ar
e a popular treat for all dogs.
Made of rough, dried beef skin which is good for your dog’s
teeth and helps with his natural instinct to chew.

Munchy rawhide chews are made of ground beef hide which makes a tasty treat and chew for all dogs.

100% natural, healthy treats and bones.
We believe the best treat for your dog is a natural treat, we stock one of the largest range in Yorkshire in our shop from rabbit ears to deer legs, they don't look to pretty on the selves but they are pure heaven to your dog and ideal for dogs with allergies. All our treats are air dried with no chemicals added.


Beef Trachea/Windpipe
100% Natural Treat/Chew
Beef/Cow Tails,
100% Natural Dog Chew
Chicken Hearts
Chicken Hearts, 100% Natural Dog Treat, Air Dried, Grain Free, 3 pack Sizes
Deer/Doe Legs
Air Dried, Dog Chew/ Treat, 100% Natural
Dog Dental Sticks
Contains Seaweed, Anti-Tartar, Anti Staining
Hollings Fish Bites
Whitefish, Wheat, Soya, Dairy & Gluten Free, UK
Hollings Fishsticks
Wheat, Soya, Dairy & Gluten Free, 100% Fish, UK
Hollings Sprats
Wheat, Soya, Dairy & Gluten Free, 100% Fish,
Meat & Tripe Sticks
Gluten free and no artificial flavourings
Natural Chewable Coffee Wood Sticks
Great for dogs who love to chew.
Rabbit Ears
Low Fat Natural Dog Treat/Chew
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