Feed Bowls, Water Bottles, Hay Mangers etc


Our Products

free standing hay manger
Power Coated Metal
ceramic bowl - 4 sizes
With rounded rim to stop mess
hamster ceramic bowl
Ceramic Bowl colour: cream with Hamster graphics dishwasher suitable
hamster ceramic bowl
White with Guinea Pig graphics
hamster ceramic bowl
White with Rabbit graphics
classic crystall de-luxe water bottles - 5 sizes
Sizes from Mini to Giant
classic water bottle covers
Reduces algae and bacteria growth Keep water cooler in hot weather & reduces the risk of freezing in the winter
ceramic hamster bowl
With Hamster Motif
ceramic guinea pig bowl
With Guinea Pig Motif
ceramic rabbit bowl
With Rabbit Motif
honey and hopper ceramic bowl
For Rabbit or Guinea Pigs
hanging hay rack/manger
For Hay/Grasses
plastic hamster bowl
Also suitable for Mice