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Marine Phytoplankton Complex for live corals & reef aquaria.
Marine Snow Replicator for live corals & reef aquaria
Cleans live rock & other surfaces in all reefs & marine aquariums
Aquarium Adjuster for Correcting Low Acid Tank Water
anti-internal bacteria
Treatment for internal infections such as reddening of body, cloudy & pop eye.
anti-fluke & wormer treatment
Treats internal worms and external parasites such as skin and gill flukes.
fish anti-parasite treatment
Treatment for fish parasites such as trichodina, costia and oodinium.
aquarium filter starter treatment
A live culture of filter friendly bacteria to help breakdown fish waste.\
liquid co2 boost treatment
A rich all-in-one plant food, containing carbon for plants to thrive.
aquaruim swimbladder treatment
Treatment for internal bacterial infections that cause irregular swimming behavior.
aquarium anti-white spot & fungus treatment
Treats protozoan parasite which appears a white spots on fish
aquaruim plant boost
Use every day to maintain healthy plant growth.
aquarium water mini test kit
120 tests, tests foe Ammonia, Nitrite & pH East to Use
aquarium plastic plant cleaner
Suitable for cleaning ornaments, plastic plants and other tank equipment.
aquarium anti-fluke & wormer treatment
Treats intestinal worms, skin and gill fluke infestations.
aquarium tap water safe treatment
Removes chlorine, chloramine & heavy metals from tap water. Reduces stress in fish.
aquaruim disease solve
Eradicates disease causing pathogens for healthier aquariums.
betta gravel cleaner
Cleans fish waste and debris from aquarium gravel 3 Sizes
juwel nitrax medium
Reduces nitrate levels Available in 3 sizes
juwel bio carb medium sponge
Available in 3 sizes
jewul bio plus fine sponge
Available in 3 sizes
bio balls (approx. 400) in 13" x 17" black net bag
Approx 400 Balls