Dog Grooming Brushes, Combs, Nail Clippers etc


Our Products

Dogs and Cats Comfort Grooming Brush
4" Blade, Long & Short hair.
ergo stripping comb
Multi-purpose brush to simplify grooming
ergo stripping comb
Strips away straggly and unwanted hair
ergo stripping comb
Ideal for long, wiry, silky, and curly coats.
ergo palm pin pad
Detangles the fur and removes loose fur.
ergo hedgehog slicker - small
A clever grooming tool that does two jobs
ergo pet nail file
A strong and long-lasting metal file
ergo grooming glove
A simple way of removing large amounts of loose hair
ergo nail clipper - small or large
A long-lasting and effective tool
ergo pet safety scissors
Robust scissors ideal for trimming fur in sensitive areas
dog cologne bb
Sweet dogs will smell delicious with BB Cologne
dog cologne bb
Tangy and masculine scent
dog cologne K9
Sweet and mysterious
Mature and masculine
trixie dog microfibre bathrobe towel
Highly Absorption, ideal for in car, caravan etc
trixie carding groomer
Detangle & Thin