Poultry feeders, food, treatents etc

Our Products

bird food/seed dispenser
For Aviaries
baby chick crumbs
Food for chicks from hatching to 6 weeks old.
layers pellets/meal
Point of Lay Maintenance Food
layers pellets/meal
Point of Lay Maintenance Food
poultry mixed corn
Mix of split maize & whole wheat
mixed poultry corn with black sunflowers
Mix of split maize, whole wheat and black sunflowers
chick growers pellets
Food for 6/8 weeks old to point of lay.
duck & goose pellets
For breeding birds
oyster grit
1kg bag
mixed poultry grit
A special mix of hen size flint grit & oyster shell.
gaun chick feeder
Designed for Chicks & Small Birds
gaun plastic poultry feeder
Removable lid and anti-waste grille
gaun plastic poultry feeder with legs - 4kg
Larger size with removable lid and legs.
gaun chicken drinker with legs - 5 litre
Tough & durable plastic drinker
hentastic smart start feeder
Designed for chicks
total mite kill spray
Specifically formulated to kill common mites