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avairy mix
A compound mixed seed food for Aviaries containing several bird species.
cockatiel mix
A quality mix designed just for cockatiels
foriegn finch food
A compound food for tropical finches
parrot no.1 food
Suitable for a wide variety of Parrots
mixed canary seed
A great all-round mix for Canaries. Itís an ideal solution when raising young.
plain canary seed
The finest canary seed, sourced to the highest quality.
peanuts in shells
A popular treat for a variety of birds.
black oil sunflowerr seeds
High energy, excellent food source.
plain peanuts for birds
Quality Peanuts for Cage & Wild Birds
superior wild bird food - husk free
A husk free mix means no mess around the feeding area.
pets pad wild bird food
Designed to attract the widest variety of birds possible
robin mix food
Specifically designed for Robins this mix can also be fed as an all year round high energy feed for all birds.
sunflower hearts
Husk Free Sunflower Hearts
dried mealworm
Excellent source of high energy proteins providing essential all year round feeding, particularly for fledglings and for adult birds.
niger seed
Loved by Finches and Tits.
premium parrot fruit mix
Macaws and large Hookbills, African Greys, Amazons and most Parrot types
striped sunflowers
For wild birds and caged birds
millet spray
Bunch of 6 strands
bucktons high energy fat balls x 150
150 balls packed in 6's to keep freshness
cuttlefish bone
A high source of calcium for birds, reptiles and rodents