Beaphar Fly Guard, Protect & treatment of Blowfly Strikeon Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
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Beaphar Fly Guard is a veterinary medicine for the prevention and treatment of Blow Fly Strike ( Lucillia Sericata) in pet Rabbits and Guinea pigs.

Fly Strike in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs is usually caused by faeces sticking to the rear end of the animal, which attracts flies to lay their eggs.

Ensure all faeces are removed from the animal before treatment and ensure good hutch hygiene.
Best used in early summer before flies are seen,

Beaphar Fly Guard contains Ivermectin which kills the tiny maggots before they can cause damage.

Easy to apply spray that is effective for up to 3 months.

Supplied One spray bottle containing 75ml, Containing enough to sufficiently treat five rabbits.
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